New Engagement Committee Commissions Custom LCA Map


With a mission to grow LCA membership and to bring neighbors together more often, we formed an Engagement Committee at the start of this year.

At events, we’re often asked: What is LCA? What is our function? What are our geographic boundaries?

Lincoln Central Association was formed in 1958, after similar neighborhood preservation and enhancement groups were established in Old Town (1948) and Mid-North (1950). LCA advocates for the preservation of historic structures (the federally landmarked Yondorf Hall) and areas (the city landmarked Halsted-Willow Gateway.) We pay for maintenance and infrastructure at pocket parks within our boundaries, including the award-winning community garden at Fire Station Park. We work closely with aldermen on issues of density and height rules, public safety, and beautification. We host parties and gatherings in our parks and in the neighborhood.

To make clear our boundaries, we commissioned artist Joe Mills ( to create a map of Lincoln Central. We’ve been distributing small stickers of that map at our gatherings. It’s especially popular with teens and young adults, who say they’ll put LCA on their personal computers.

We’ll put the map on paper, cups, tote bags, and t-shirts. Stay tuned, and join us! Committee work is a great way to be a part of LCA.