Community Affairs

In its role as a support and liaison, the Lincoln Central Association Community Affairs Committee works with other LCA committees, the Police Department, the Fire Department, Lincoln Park High School, and through the Neighborhood Alliance — other organizations to strengthen and enhance their work in the community.  

The committee conducts the annual Ward Walk with the 43rd Ward Alderman’s office to report problems such as sidewalk defects so that they can be reported and fixed by the city.  A recent survey was developed by the committee and sent to 900 people to ascertain safety issues perceived by the public to be of particular concern.  The results will be shared with the 18th District police, as well as the Alderman’s office so that solutions can be sought.  As liaison to the Lincoln Park High School, the committee was the inspiration for a hand painted rain barrel for the LCA Fire Station Park crafted by the school’s art classes. 

Committee goals are to develop a system to help people use existing aides such as the 311 App; expanding the Ward Walk; and using results of the Safety Survey to provide solutions to problems.